Chongqing yishente technology development co., LTD., founded in 2015, is located in fuling xincheng district industrial park, fuling longtou port, changfu, funan expressway and yuli railway, which is on the shore of the Yangtze river -- chongqing fuling. It is close to fuling longtou port, changfu, funan expressway and yuli railway.The company is a professional aluminum alloy die-casting, mechanical processing production enterprises, the existing staff of more than 180 people, 52 engineering and technical personnel, fixed assets of 300 million yuan, covers an area of 70,000 square meters, building area of 50,000 square meters.Our products are mainly for automotive, electromechanical, telecommunications and other industries, to provide high-quality aluminum alloy castings and quality services.The company has a rich professional experience in technology, management and high-quality staff team, is a strategic partner of a number of well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, such as China first automobile group, shaanxi automobile group co., LTD company, jilin, Harbin light depot, Harbin light depot, changchun faw light depot, hongta group light depot, guangxi yulin diesel engine factory, hangzhou company, chongqing well-off power co., LTD., Shanghai automotive industry corporation, guangzhou automobile group, changan ford, brilliance xinyuan, etc.Have the ability and experience of new product development and batch product control.
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